Sunrise at lake Lowburn this morning, Wow. Waking up we were completely covered in a blanket of white… Fog had descended and closed in completely. I got up anyway and went outside with the camera to check it out. I was extremely glad that I did because the Fog actually isolated a little peninsula of land, leaving it floating by itself with nothing around. This allowed me to capture it’s essence without any distractions.
After breakfast we hit the road and stopped off at Lindis Pass. We were quite shocked with the scenery along this section of the drive. It mainly consisted of dry brown hills and sheep grazing on paddocks that didn’t look too appetizing. It was still a really epic drive though, ascending and descending through hill and vale. The campervan struggled a little bit with some of the hills but generally performed really well.
We didn’t stay for long here, just enough to stretch the legs, let Aria have a little run around and then back on the road to our next stop, Lake Ruataniwha in the town of Twizel. Before arriving here we came across River Ahuriri and saw a nice little fishing campground and some interesting autumn tree colours, so of course, quickly pulled off for another stop. Daniel walked back along this bridge to capture the composition below, hugging the barrier to avoid the cars and trucks barreling past.
We were only minutes away from our planned stop at Lake Ruataniwha when a big cloud of fog rolled in. We were both so devastated as the lake and surrounds were absolutely stunning. The water was almost fluorescent blue and the autumn colours were surrounding it in the trees. We thought for split second about not stopping, but it was lunch time so decided to anyway, and boy aren’t we glad we did (in some ways). The fog continued to roll on by and the scene it created was mind blowing. Daniel took a few captures while Aria and Amanda went for a walk along the lake walking trail. Aria was very excited to find a bright red mushroom!
After a while, Daniel decided to send the drone up to have a look around and see what perspective he could get from the air. Only minutes into it’s maiden flight in NZ Daniel received a battery error warning, so began to bring it back. Seconds later, before our eyes and what seemed to be just out of arms reach (approx 10m) the drone plummeted into the water. We both stood there in disbelief as we couldn’t believe that it actually happened. Daniel considered wading the lake to rescue it, but we had no idea of the depth or temperature of the water, and had no swimming gear since we were in NZ in Autumn. RIP Drone 🙁
After coming to terms with our loss, we had lunch and hit the road again. We continued to to Lake Pukaki to have a look around and then again onto Lake Tekapo. We looked at the famous Church of the Good Sheppard, but decided there were just too many tourists around in addition to some construction, so headed back out of town to find our sunset and camp spot for the night.
We heard about a camp spot at Lake Alexandrina so decided to have a look there. When we arrived, it was very dry and secluded and well just not very scenic. They also wanted to charge us for a camping spot! We convened for a few minutes over an arvo snack, had another look at the map and decided that Lake Pukaki had some lovely potential sunset locations and camp spots. So it was back on the road again.
We arrived with a good amount of time spare to scout a few locations and pick the camp spot. It was absolutely magical, Lake Pukaki has a large Pine forest on it’s shores, and the whole area is ok for free camping, so we just drove the Motorhome into the forest by the lake and setup.
Sunset was a calming, pastel evening, with our vantage point looking towards the ever famous Mt Cook. The pastel clouds, lit up just enough for some interesting sky and reflection.
After sunset, it was back to the motorhome for dinner and bed, another wonderful day on the New Zealand South Island.