Daniel Courtney absolutely loves being outdoors amongst nature, capturing all its beauty (in any weather) through Fine Art Photography.

His work showcases some of Australia’s most beautiful and spectacular places, in all their glory. Some images are easily recognisable, whilst others focus the viewer’s eye on a particular pattern or interesting part of a scene that may not be appreciated amongst a larger landscape. The focus is on beautiful illustrative Landscapes from around Australia and all over the World. He focuses on providing beautiful images of real places that just look incredible on your wall.

Daniel is a self-taught photographer, who started in the digital age with a Canon 40D in 2007. His starting attempts at photography showed that he had a keen eye for composition, and a passion for the art of photography. Daniel started exploring many different aspects of photography, stretching from fashion and boudoir, right through to motorsports.

When Daniel moved to Darwin in 2012 with his now wife Amanda, as a result of his work in the Royal Australian Air Force, he had an apartment facing Darwin Harbour. This scene presented on his balcony really inspired him to focus on Landscape imagery. With Darwin’s amazing variety of beautiful locations around the city, an apartment with great views and an adventurous spirit, Daniel has since taken countless photographs of amazing locations around Australia and throughout the world.

Daniel has had the opportunity to be involved in gallery exhibitions, featured in tourism magazines and websites and awarded prestigious prizes for some of his recent artworks. 

Daniel now shoots with a Nikon D850, (after spending a short time with the Nikon D810), Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters and Tamron lenses.

Daniel sold his artworks to Darwin locals and tourists from Australia and all over the world at the famous Parap Markets, and is now present all around the Hunter, Newcastle and Port Stephens areas. Darwin will always hold a special place in Daniel’s heart, and hopes to continue to provide locals with stunning Fine Art pieces for their homes and businesses.

About Amanda

Amanda Courtney (Daniel’s wife) has always supported Daniel in his photography endeavours. Amanda and Daniel met through photography and when Daniel changed his photography path to landscapes, Amanda was supportive of this change. Amanda has always taken on the role of “his very helpful assistant” and enjoys the adventures landscape photography entails. Ocassionally, she is the one who has to motivate and encourage Daniel to continue to pursue his dream, however most of the time Amanda is there baby and dogs in tow, organising the food and ready to swap out the lenses in a hurry. 

Amanda has now taken on the Business Manager and Admin role as well as attending the market stalls and pop-up galleries. No doubt you will have spoken to or will speak to Amanda while purchasing your artwork from Daniel Courtney Photography. 


2017 Pro Photo of the Year – Jim Jim Gorge – Commendation

2017 Pro Photo of the Year – Alone – Commendation

2017 Pro Photo of the Year – Forest Glow – Commendation

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