Landscape Photography and Editing Workshops

with local, award winning photographer, Daniel Courtney

“It takes more than just a beautiful scene to get a truly beautiful image”

Daniel offers two workshops, each focused on beginner to intermediate photographers.


The 1 Day Landscape workshop consists of an afternoon on location with Daniel, as he teaches you the basics of landscape photography, shoots with you, critiques your images and inspires you. The workshop finishes up with sunset and you will put everything you have learnt during the day into practice, as your images afterwards will show!


The second workshop is his Introduction to Post Processing evening. It focuses on bringing your images from the camera right through to a finished product that you will be extremely proud to display on your walls at home.


Both of these workshops may be conducted together in a 2 Day format, which will teach you all the skills necessary to take the images, and process them to a high standard.

1 Day Landscape Workshop

Camera Settings

Daniel will take you through the basics of your camera and what the various modes mean.

Basic Equipment

Learn about tripods and why they are essential for landscape photos, but optional for other types of images.

Image Exposure

Daniel will use theory and practical examples to teach you about the exposure triangle, resulting in you having creative control over your camera and not the other way around!

Location scouting

Daniel will meet you at an iconic Newcastle location, one that allows you plenty of creativity, and Daniel will show you how he scouts a location after arriving for the first time. What he looks for and considers.


Learn about some basic rules of composition to get pleasing images. During the day Daniel will work with you as you shoot, pointing out potential compositions, and helping you to tweak your natural eye for improvement.  Also learn when you should break the rules!

Advanced equipment (filters, shutter releases, panorama heads, lightning triggers)

Daniel will show you some of the advanced equipment he has in his camera bag, what he uses specialised equipment for and what creative decisions the equipment lets him make.

Intro to Post Processing


RAW Processing and basic adjustments

Discuss RAW processing, photo selection, cropping and composition as Daniel takes you practically through your own images, or one of his high quality samples.

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Familiarisation

Work with Daniel as he shows you the different areas of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and how the different settings accumulate to give you a great final product

Layers, Masks and Adjustments

Use Layers, Masks and other tools within Photoshop to get high quality results.

The Fine Art difference and when enough is enough

Discuss when enough is enough when editing a photo, and the Fine Art aspects of Fine Art Landscape photography

The Finished Image

Culminate in a final, edited image. Worked by yourself with feedback throughout the night from Daniel, this is one that you will want to print for your wall.

Want to take this learning experience further?

Book both of these workshops together as they run back to back (The next evening) , and you will learn how to process your images for great results. Receive 10% off both courses when you book them together as a bundle.

Want to consolidate your knowledge or have a more tailored experience?

Book Daniel for a 1 on 1 experience.


Daniel will take you on one of his shoots, attempting to get an award winning Fine Art landscape image. Your learning will be tailored to your experience level, and you can shoot right alongside Daniel. This is an authentic experience where you will get to participate in Daniel’s passion for the art of landscape photography. Use the contact form below or call us up and mention that you would like to book Daniel for a One on One experience and we will give you a personalised quote.

0424 451 923

461 Hunter Street, Newcastle

7:30am-3pm M-F

8am-3pm Weekends and Public Holidays

Otherwise by appointment

On Street parking available.

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